February 14, 2014

Alligator Adventure: Creepy Crawlies and Slitheries

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some creepy creatures from Alligator Adventure that not everyone will like..Sorry for posting the snakes! I know I have a couple of readers who don't like the little guys! I don't either, unless they are behind 2 inches of glass, like these ones were! They are in a darkened building which makes them even creepier, if that's possible!

Well, today I'm enjoying a quiet day at home...no errands or anything! Yeah! Probably do some homework, housework and maybe watch a movie. Dinner out tonight with Kevin...Keturah is off to a Valentine's Day Dance.

Brooke comes home tomorrow on the train and it's a long weekend! Family Day on Monday, but better yet, 3 days to sleep in and now having said that, I won't be able to sleep past 6! SIGH

Have a GREAT weekend!

(sorry if the photos do not appear spaced or lined up properly..I was having issues today posting these photos)

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