February 11, 2014

Alligator Adventure: More Alligators!

Welcome back!

This time I'm highlighting more alligator shots from the Alligator Adventure in Myrtle Beach! This time next month, we'll actually be in MB! So looking forward to ditching this snow for a  little bit!

These are mostly American Alligators, except for:

Photo 4 & 5: False Gharials
Photo 6: Chinese Alligator
Photo 7: Yacare (Caiman)
Photo 8: a Baby Alligator (less than 2yrs old)

I'll have more of the small alligators the next time I highlight the alligators!

Well, this week has been busy already...I moved my Uncle into Friendly Manor yesterday..had to read and complete all his paperwork today and drop it off tomorrow. Doctors appointment for me today and Zeek has one on Thursday... to get his shots updated so he can travel to MB next month!

 Brooke comes home on Saturday for her reading week! Will be nice to have her around (I think) :-D!

More later this week...

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