May 16, 2014

Waccatee Zoo

Welcome Back!
This time I'm highlighting some photos from the Waccatee Zoo in Myrtle Beach, actually it's about 25 minute drive out of town, but well worth it. It's kind of run down, but they have a great selection of animals and you are allowed to feed most of them (with their approved snacks).

As you enter the admission building, you see aquariums with snakes, lizards and turtles. Sometimes hard to get good shots through glass, but I managed to get a couple of snake photos..I didn't stick around long to see what kind they were..just eager to see the other animals! 

The rest of the critters I'm showing today are farm animals....a big piggie and some goats. The goats were rather calm, surprising, because they are usually pushing others out of the way to get some of the treats that they sell at reception...maybe because it was so cold on the day we were there. It was 22 on Wednesday and we went to the zoo on Thursday and it was going to be 8. Brrr. it was quite chilly after having such hot weather all week...Good thing I had my winter coat with me, because I definitely needed it that day!

I'll have some more next week!

Well, this week was good. I managed to do everything I had planned! Brooke was home most of the week as she has to work today and every day of the long weekend! So, I'm having a quiet day at home alone doing some chores and laundry. Fun, fun, fun..not!

We are having my sister and hubby over for dinner tomorrow night but no other plans. Thinking about taking a drive to Algonquin Park for a drive for the day, but we'll see how everyone feels come Sunday!

Enjoy your long weekend!

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