May 30, 2014

Waccatee Zoo, Pt.4

Welcome Back!

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I have shots of  Turkey Vultures...they aren't part of the Zoo's display, just some wild ones we saw in the forest as we walked along the trail...I didn't even see them at first..Kevin noticed something moving in the tree and then pointed them out. We saw three altogether and they were pretty cool to see. I took a quick 10 or so photos before they got scared and took off! Here are my favourites....

Well, this week has been busy..I managed to attend the Pre-Conference of the annual PLA Conference in Belleville...great session I attended for 2 half days. Thursday was a welcome quiet day at home as I didn't have a car and today Brooke and I ran errands most of the day before she headed to work at 3! 

Not too much planned for the weekend. We are having the burial for my Uncle tomorrow and then hopefully enjoy some of the sun that's suppose to be here for the weekend!

Have a great weekend!

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