May 6, 2014

Atalaya Castle, Pt. 4

Welcome Back!

This week I'm still highlighting the Atalaya Castle photos. I should have the last of them later this week! It was a beautiful place to visit and I would've liked to have taken more time to explore the place even more (especially the outside), but Kevin and Zeek were waiting in the car.

Well, I volunteered at Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre on Sunday. It was a cool, windy and rainy day (it only lightly spit on us a few times). The wind was the worst though, because we then had to chase our stuff across the yard! :-) We were surprised by how many people still came out despite the weather! I'm glad they did---to keep us busy!

Not much planned for this week, waiting to see what Brooke's schedule will be like, now that she's done training. We're off to the gym today! 

Enjoy your week!

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