May 26, 2014

Waccatee Zoo, Pt. 3

Welcome Back!

Sorry for the delay in posting! I missed Friday's usual post as Keturah had a PA day and so we headed to Kingston to do some errands, shopping, etc. Saturday we had a family dinner with Kevin's family..a great visit and good eats! Sunday we headed to Kingston for some shopping and we walked along the water at the parks on the way there...I took some photos of baby ducks, but missed the geese babies! Maybe next weekend!

This time I'm highlighting more of the Zoo shots. These include the Cattle Egrets in the first three photos. The first photo shows them all nesting or getting ready to nest...this area is a breeding ground. Other shots include a black swan, some ducks and some peccaries, or small pig critters. The little ones are always so cute as they get running around chasing each other, just like human kids! :-)

More on Friday! Have  a great week!

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