May 9, 2014

Atalaya Castle, Pt. 5

Welcome Back!
This time I'm highlighting the LAST of the Atalaya Castle shots. These include the outside yard and the out-buildings. It's beautiful everywhere..especially on the day we were there!

I think I'll have some more photos of Huntington Beach State Park next time...maybe some crabs or more scenics.

Well, this week went by really fast. I had to do some errands for my Uncle's estate, some walks with my doggie and some job searching too! Today I went to an open house at one of my favourite craft stores. I got to make some awesome cards and bought some new goodies too!

Nothing planned for the weekend..maybe some shopping with the girlies and some crafting. I think we're heading out for dinner on Sunday!

Happy Mother's Day! Have a great weekend!

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