May 13, 2014

Huntington Beach State Park

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the last of the photos from the Huntington Beach State Park. They include shots of tiny little crabs, small fish and some scenics of the area! The last photo shows a few crabs in the one photo..not quite sure how many are there!

Well, the weekend was a good one! I spent some time with the girlies, out shopping on Saturday, while Dad did some consulting work. On Mother's day, I took it easy..Keturah made me homemade waffles with raspberries and chocolate (yummy)! We went for a walk, got groceries and headed out for a delicious dinner at the Greek Islands when Brooke got off work. I was also gifted with some beautiful yellow roses and some Alex and Ani bracelets---I'm so spoiled! :-)

Well, another quiet far, anyway! Hope to go to the gym today and Thursday and get a haircut tomorrow...that's my excitement for this week! :-)

Next time I will start highlighting my photos from the MB Zoo.

Enjoy your week!

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