May 20, 2014

Waccatee Zoo, Pt. 2

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting more of the Waccatee Zoo photos. Most of them are farm animals..I mentioned that they did have a variety of critters there!

Today you'll find, emus, Patagonian Mara (rodent like critter), cows, a turtle and some goats. The last goat photo shows this little guy's double set of horns. Apparently, it's a rare occurrence. He posed so cute!

Well, the weekend sure went by fast! Long weekends always do! We had a delicious family dinner on Saturday. On Sunday we headed to Algonquin Park for the day. It was a great day, despite the clouds and a bit of spitting on us! We hiked 3 trails and saw 7 or 8 moose. I only got photos of 3 or 4 as some were too far away to get good shots. Had dinner in Huntsville and headed home..And, we saw a deer---up close...he ran out in front of me as I was driving from Bancroft..I didn't get his photo though! :-) Monday we spent a quiet day at home, doing not much of anything (ok, I did some crafts)! We did get out for a walk in Napanee after dinner. It sucked that Brooke  had to work all weekend!

Looks like a quiet week this week..maybe do some job hunting! Today's fun is laundry, dishes and grocery shopping!

More animal shots later this week!

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