November 20, 2013

The Giant Pandas

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the Giant Pandas. The Toronto Zoo has a nice Interpretive Centre that they force you to walk through with activities and information booths to get to the Pandas, but we practically ran through it as we were so excited to see the Pandas! I'll have to check it out the next time I go! :-)

We went to the outdoor viewing section first and saw this guy...We were told he was the male, but it's hard to tell them apart! So if he is indeed the male, his name is Da Mao! I also expected them to be kind of lazy, but this one was quite active-- moving around, resting and of course eating lots of bamboo.  

I have LOTS more photos to highlight in the coming weeks!

Well, its Wednesday already...where does the time go? I had a sick kid home again yesterday. On Monday I started going to the gym (yep, me, who hates exercising) but it isn't that bad..the hardest part was getting started as I had wanted to go back when I was first off work, but it's taken me this long to get there! :-) I'm also still playing volleyball on Monday nights and am glad that our late games are now over for a few's rough playing 9-10pm...I'm usually getting ready for bed at that time! :-)

Anyway, I hope to be back on Friday with another post of Giant Panda photos...Did you happen to see Rick Mercer last night, he was visiting them at the Toronto Zoo..It was pretty cool!

More soon!

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