November 25, 2013

Giant Pandas, Pt. 3

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting the male Giant Panda again. I think these are the last of them (for the male.) Next time I'll have some of the female Giant Panda! Sorry if some of these photos look repetitive, I liked the look of his facial expression, etc, so included it! When he is showing his teeth in the one photo, he was not growling, I just caught him at the end of a yawn!

Well, I was happy to finally see some snow on Saturday. Unfortunately it didn't stick around very long! The weekend went by too fast again, but I got some Christmas shopping done, Keturah's boyfriend came over for dinner and a visit, I made some greeting cards and visited my uncle at Westlake Terrace!

This week, Keturah is having her wisdom teeth out..tomorrow morning to be exact and she will have to take it easy for 2-3 days, so I will have to be her nurse for a day or two! :-)

More later this week...

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