November 11, 2013

For The Birds!

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some birds we saw at the zoo. All but the last two were wild animals versus zoo animals. I didn't have enough Owl shots to highlight them on their own. This guy was alone in his cage and has a problem with his eye, which is why he is squinting up at the sun...his good eye was very sensitive to the sun...poor guy!

1st photo-a duck (not sure what kind)
2nd & 3rd-a cormorant
4th&5th-a gosling
6th&7th-a Snowy Owl 

Today I have sick kid at home..I hope she isn't off school for very long and that I don't get it...The last cold I had hung around way too long! She was suppose to have her wisdom teeth removed this week, but with her cold, they don't recommend it, so we put that off for a couple of weeks! Should now be a quiet week with the dog and myself getting haircuts...guess which one costs more! Yep, the dog's! :-)

More later this week!

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