November 15, 2013

Australasia Outdoor Exhibit

Welcome Back!

This week I have photos from the Australasia Outdoor Exhibit at the Toronto Zoo. These include the Emu and the Western Grey Kangaroo.  The Emu was curious as to what we were doing and came right over but the kangaroos were actually quite quiet this time..usually they are hopping around!

Well, I haven't gotten the cold that has plagued my daughter..thank goodness..she was home two days this week with it! I have had a headache most days this week though...:-( I did manage to get over to my friends house for a day full of crafting yesterday...Just what I needed..some Christmas cards completed and a long-overdue visit!

I will be highlighting the Panda photos next! Just a warning: I do have quite a few! 

Have a great weekend!

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