August 28, 2014

Geese and Ducks, Pt. 3

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting more of the ducks and geese found at the Fairfield Historical Park in Amherstview.

I only have one shot of the ducks as they were passing through the throng of geese/goslings! These photos were taken when a family beside us started feeding them bread. The adults hung back and let the babies get the bread and in some cases would give them a push up to the front! It was cute to watch! 

Well this week is almost over! We didn't make it to Watertown on Tuesday because Brooke double-booked herself, so we "hope" to go tomorrow! :-) Keturah and I managed to get out and do some shopping in Belleville and she actually found some clothes she liked for school! (Teenagers!) Hopefully they will find some clothes in Watertown.

Nothing planned for the long weekend, although I do have Toronto Zoo passes to use up...not sure how busy it will be though! We'll also be doing some packing for Brookie. Fun!

Have a great weekend!

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