August 22, 2014

Geese and Goslings, Ducks and Ducklings!

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some more geese/gosling and duck/duckling photos and some sort of plant we found there too.

These were taken in June at Fairfield Historical Park. One of our favourite parks to stop at with Zeek as it isn't very big. I think I mentioned that he's kind of a lazy dog and would prefer the couch to walking. He does get excited when we mention the park, but then he's quick to turn around and want to come home too! Crazy guy!

I have a few of these to highlight over the next couple of weeks! More next week!

Well, this week was fairly quiet. We did some school shopping for Keturah and and made a trip to Costco. I had a doctor's appointment and Keturah had a driving lesson. Kevin is back at QMS next week for a couple of weeks..maybe longer (hopefully)! We take Brooke back to Waterloo on September 2nd. She's moving into an apartment and needs to get some furniture, so we'll likely stay overnight and get her set up.

Can't believe its the weekend already! Enjoy!

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