August 19, 2014

Snapping Turtles

Welcome Back!

This week I'm highlighting some of the snapping turtle shots I took back in June. We saw about 12 of them within 3 days...these two were close to home, so Keturah and I drove down the road and took some photos. I have a long lens, so I can stand way back and not get too close while they are doing their business (laying eggs). When the one was done, she kept heading for the road, so Keturah kept moving her off into the ditch, but she was a stubborn one and kept trying to go up on the road!

We learned the proper way to handle snapping turtles when we volunteered at Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre...I used to give one of the snappers his "soak" every night I volunteered, which meant lifting the heavy guy into a big tub of water! He seemed to enjoy it, so that was all that mattered!

Well, I'm still a bit tired from all the travelling we did, but we had an AWESOME time in Grand Manan. We did a lot of hiking, beachcombing and taking photos all week! I miss it already and will definitely go back...maybe permanently at some point! I took photos of all the lighthouses, scenery and some whales! We went on a whale watch cruise and saw about 12 of them..mostly Right Whales and a Humpback. I'll highlight them in the coming weeks! I have to sort through all of them! SIGH!

More later this week!

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