January 24, 2016

Bird Kingdom, Pt.6

Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls, ON

Welcome Back!

This week I have some more photos of the small birds from the Bird Kingdom...These are found in the small aviary, which is a bit dark, but good for shooting some birds! There are benches, where you can just sit and watch and the birds fly all around you! Pretty cool.

These birds include finches, a blue tanager (I think), and a dove. I tried my best to identify them based on the pictures on the Bird Kingdom website, but I am not always sure if it is the correct one or not!

Another week went speeding by! Work was busy as we had a lot of new products come in, as well, we had 17 signed up for our class yesterday, so there was a lot of prep work! 

We went to Costco today and I just baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies..it smells so yummy in here! Now, time to finish the laundry!

Have a great week!

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