January 17, 2016

Bird Kingdom, Pt.5

Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls, ON

Welcome Back!

This week I have more bird photos from the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls, ON. These were taken last March on the March Break.

This week's birds include finches, a canary and a Village Weaver (the yellow and black one). I like the ones in the nest the best. There were some smaller birds in the nest, which we got a glimpse of when the parents moved off for a bit!

This week went very fast! Busy as always, but always interesting! In any given day, I get to update two websites, take photos, send email newsletters, scan/edit photos, teach a class and work in the retail store! Love the variety of the job!

Brooke came home yesterday and we had our Christmas get together with Kevin's family. Ate more turkey! Yumm! Great visit too! Today I had lunch with my friend, Tracy, from school. We had a nice breakfast at Smitty's and a great visit..Can't believe we talk for 3 hours when we get together! :-)  Groceries/laundry and all that fun stuff! :-)

Enjoy your week!

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