January 6, 2014

More Fuzzy Babies!

Welcome Back and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sorry for the long absence since my last post. Life just got in the way! 

This time I'm highlighting more feathered friends, but of course they are babies, so they aren't sporting their feathers just yet! These were taken on the way to Kingston at a park we often stop at to view critters such as these--ducks and geese!

Well, that holiday seemed a bit long at times and then short at others...Long, when you are sitting around in the dark with no hydro and your cell phone is dead! Short, when you are travelling and visiting friends! 

The girls and I went to visit friends in Ottawa and had a great time. Kevin doesn't come with us as he is allergic to the cute kitties that live there!

We also managed to go to Syracuse and Watertown for some shopping-the girls like the variety in the US, so we headed down and stayed overnight (I had a free night at a hotel that I needed to use up before the end of January). We also had a yummy dinner at the Olive Garden and a snowy drive home!

We had two delicious dinners to celebrate Christmas with our respective families on the 25th and 29th. And, we finally managed a visit with my friends Melissa and Lynn on Jan 2nd...better late than never! 

Brooke had her friends over for a visit, so we had a house full of girlies on Thursday night and then she headed back to Waterloo on the train on Saturday :-( and Sunday we rested up for back to school, only to be greeted by a snow day today---once Kevin left for work, I headed back to bed and slept until 9:30! Wow, I never sleep that late!

I'll have more feathered friend photos for you later this week!

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