December 17, 2013

Canadian Geese

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting all photos of the Canadian Goose including a few headshots..I love getting closeups of any kind of wild animal! These were taken at the same place along Lake Ontario going towards Kingston in June.

Well, this week will be a bit busier than usual. Finishing up that dreaded Christmas kids keep giving me ideas..they always do this!! I also had a lovely visit to my dentist today for a cleaning. Brooke comes home on Thursday on the train..I can't wait! On Friday I get to have lunch with two of my bestest friends, Lynn and Melissa and because it's a PA day, we will have my two girls and Melissa's son to hang out with too! Should be a fun luncheon!

Have a great week and I'll probably post again on the weekend...more geese/duck photos!

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