June 26, 2013

Moose Pt. 4

Welcome Back! 

I hope you all aren't getting bored with the moose shots! I dread saying the M word, but then I start looking at my photos and I have to show SOMEONE! I don't think my immediate family have seen all of them...They usually check out my blog too!

This was a young moose that we happened across on Sunday night, after dinner out in Huntsville! I suggested going moose hunting after dinner and lo and behold we saw all kinds of them. This was one of the first. I think we saw some big guys around this same time too, but they were hiding behind trees, bushes, etc, so although we saw some with big antlers, I didn't get any good shots. :-(

Anyway, I had a busy but short week this week..I'm off til Tuesday! Next weekend, I'll have a short weekend as I have to travel to Oneida to teach some computer courses for the whole week. I'll be back to work for a week, then our  holidays start! Yeah! We are heading down East again..are you surprised? :-) Anyway, instead of Grand Manan in New Brunswick, we are going to a cottage in Hubbards, Nova Scotia!

More of the M word next week!

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