June 12, 2013

Moose Pt. 2

This week I'm back with yet MORE moose shots!These are a continuation of the second moose that we saw on the Saturday. 

His ears are down in the first shot as I think he was getting perturbed at everyone taking photos of him....there were likely 30 or more people out watching, photographing  and videotaping. Kevin was taking some videos and photos with his iphone, but then the moose looked his way and he was gone..back to the van! I was left standing there talking to myself..which was fine with me.....because then I could take my time and take as many photos as I wanted! :-)

Anyway, I'll keep this short as I'm suffering from an annoying headache...I took some Tylenol and a short nap earlier, but nothing seems to be working...SIGH!

More moose next week!

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