June 5, 2013

The Algonquin Moose, Pt 1

Welcome Back!

This week I'm starting my tour of the moose we saw in Algonquin and so be prepared for a few weeks of just MOOSE! I have narrowed down my list to 102 or so that I love and that I want to highlight....in between, I might show something else just to give you all a break from them!

The first 4 shots are of the first moose we laid eyes on and this was about 10 am, along highway 60, after we had hiked a couple of trails. He didn't stick around long, so I didn't get as many good shots of him as I would have liked...if I had my way, I would have followed him into the woods, but probably not a good idea! :-)

The last 4 shots are of the second moose, who stuck around a lot longer, so I have a lot more photos of him/her. So, next week's shots will likely all be of this moose! 

Well, after a great week in Oneida, I managed to have a couple of days off...for more travelling! The girls and I went to Watertown for the day on Saturday..it was a good day, even though we didn't buy too much... Good thing I love to travel!

On Monday, my friend, Melissa and I had planned  a day to head to the Toronto Zoo...luckily the weather cooperated and we had an awesome day. Got some good photos...some of the white lions, which were new to the zoo and some of the infamous Giant Pandas, who were actually quite active while we were there. We managed to stay until almost closing time (7pm)!

Have a great week!


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