July 3, 2013

Moose Part 5

This week I'm highlighting another young moose. This one was near the float plane dock. I can't remember what lake it is on..I have the map somewhere (probably in the van)!

Anyway, this youngster was watching everyone who stopped to watch him/her. It then wandered down to the water and got in to about it's knees and then got out again (maybe it was too cold!)

She/he headed around everyone and went across the road and into the forest! She/he was very cute and there were a quite a few people stopping to watch!

Next week I'll be in Oneida, but plan on updating from there! I'll be highlighting some mom/youngster pics..The baby was about the same size as this one (last year's model) and mom was nearby keeping an eye on him/her.

Have a great week!

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