July 16, 2013

Moose, Part 7

Welcome Back!

This week I have yet MORE moose...sorry, I'll be through them all soon, I promise..only a couple more weeks! :-)

This is the mother and young one again that I started to highlight last week. These shots are mostly the youngster. You could tell when he was sniffing out Zeek..his nose was pointing in our direction!

Also, a shot of him having a drink/nuzzle with mom and then they started heading back into the bush.

I think I'll highlight some fox shots next time, taken on our way back from seeing these guys. I think I have another moose to highlight as well, but the photos were kind of dark as it was starting to get late, so I'll see if any are worth highlighting!

Well, our holidays are almost upon us...We are heading EAST next week...we may leave a bit early than we had originally planned, as we have the time! So I'm not sure if I'll have a post before we leave or not.

But, I'm sure I'll be posting photos of our adventures on Facebook!

Have a great week!

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