January 27, 2013

Scenes from Grand Manan

Welcome back!

This week I'm including some scenic shots of places around Grand Manan.

1st -4th shots-taken while we played on the beach. I can never remember the name of this beach..its just along the road and is kind of hidden by bushes! The 3rd shot shows some steam rising from the sand..pretty cool!

5th-7th shots were taken from the fishing wharf. Yes, the sky and water are REALLY that colour! I shot these while we were fishing for mackerel. We only had 3 fishing poles, so we had to take turns!

Next week, I'll be adding photos from the rest of our trip-----when we stopped in the USA at the Strawberry Banke Museum...they had an awesome garden!

Well, I had a busy week working in Oneida. It  didn't help that I got sick on the Monday and am still trying to get rid of it...made teaching interesting when I couldn't stop coughing some days!

I also had an interesting and VERY long drive home on Friday night. I took the back roads to avoid the pileup and subsequent closure of the 401 and ended up getting home at 11pm. I was pretty wiped and still am..I hope I can sleep better tonight without all that coughing..


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