January 5, 2013


Well, I think I've used that title before! My favourite subject to shoot is wildlife and "critters" in general. Sometimes even human ones!

These photos are all of critters we met, found, etc. on the beach, namely Red Point Beach on Grand Manan Island in August.

1st Photo-Keturah holding up a green crab
2nd Photo-a very small starfish
3rd Photo-another green crab
4th Photo-another crab (not sure what kind it is..could still be a green one, even though its not green)
5th Photo-a juvenile rock eel (he's in our purple bucket for his closeup)
6th Photo-the family introducing two green crabs or trying to get them to rumble
7th Photo-another odd coloured crab
8th-10th Photos-more green crabs

Well, back to work on Monday :-(   I can't believe how fast my time off went. But doesn't it always! 


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