January 13, 2013

Hiking at Anchorage Provincial Park

Welcome Back!

This week I've included some shots from our hike at the Anchorage Provincial Park on Grand Manan Island. Every time we've been here, we've seen at least 1 eagle and this trip didn't disappoint. I just wish I had a longer lens to get closer shots!

1st-3rd pics- Lone eagle looking for critters from a tree
4th pic- A cool flowery-shaped mushroom
5th pic- Pitcher Plant Flower 
6th pic- Pitcher Plant-A carnivorous plant-it eats bugs!
7th pic- Sundew Plant-also carnivorous-can you see it's sticky tentacles where the bugs get caught?

Not much new this week..had a last minute trip to Rama and still fighting this cough! This week I'm getting ready to go to Oneida-leave next Sunday for the whole week again! :-O

Have a great week!

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