September 25, 2011

Landscapes of NB & PEI

I'll keep this short today as I'm sick with a head cold..thanks to my darling daughter for sharing her germs with me!

Here are some scenics taken along our journey through NB and PEI.
1st-St John River-taken while we were standing in the middle of the Hartland Covered Bridge
2nd-New Argyle Beach-taken because of the light
3rd-New Argyle Beach as the sun was setting
4th-East Point Light House-taken at the lookout beside the lighthouse
5th-Cavendish Beach-love that red sand
6th-Cavendish Beach-love that view

Travel Tip: I ALWAYS take a journal with me when we go on long trips, so I can remember what we did each day as well as the names of the beaches (in this case) or any other sites that we visit! It really helps me with this blog and identifying my thousands of pictures I take too!

Enjoy your week!

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