September 3, 2011

Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island!

This trip down east saw us searching for and visiting lots of lighthouses (the kids groaned whenever we mentioned there was another one on the map!) I loved shooting them with my camera-- as you can see below, no two are alike and the sky ends up being different in all of them as well--depending on the weather that day (or should I say minute- as the weather is known to change quickly there).

These are a portion of the ones I shot in PEI-- from one end of the Island to the other. We even toured through a few of them as well..yep all the way to the top..the stairs really hurt my calves as they are fairly steep!!

1st pic-Victoria Seaport Lighthouse (a fairly small one)
2nd pic-Panmure Head Lighthouse (the beach nearby had the ninja crabs)
3rd pic-East Point Lighthouse (giftshop and cafe here too)
4th pic-Shipwreck Point Lighthouse (in the middle of nowhere and kind of plain looking!)
5th pic-Cape Egmont Lighthouse (love the sky and weather this day!)
6th pic-West Point Lightstation (& hotel-you could sleep in this one, but it was full when we were there!)

I'll add more next time with a couple from NB too!

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