September 10, 2011

Lighthouses Pt. 2

As promised, here are some more lighthouse shots from PEI and NB:

1st Pic-North Point Lightstation -this one was found at the most northern tip of PEI
2nd Pic-Tignish Run Lighthouse-theres a nice beach here and cafe
3rd Pic-Indian Head Lighthouse (near Summerside)-this one was out in the water, but you could venture out on those rocks if you dare! We didn't! It was getting dark and the kids were back at the hotel, so we didn't stay long.
4th Pic-St. Stephen, NB-I'm not sure if this one was real or just for show!
5th Pic-Pendlebury Lighthouse-St Andrews, NB-It is being renovated at this time.
6th Pic-East Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Campobello Island, NB-Saw this while on the whale watch cruise!

Well, that's it for Lighthouses..not sure what I'll include next time--maybe some scenics and/or red beaches!

Have a great week!

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