October 2, 2011

More Scenes of PEI

Here are a few more scenic shots taken when we were out and about around PEI. Yep, we drove ALL around the whole province...it is one of the smallest ones! We saw a lot of great sights along the way. You could drive from one end of the province in less than 1 hr. But we like stopping a lot and torturing our kids to look at things they wouldn't get to see in Ontario, like potato museums, lighthouses, etc! They moaned and groaned a bit, but I think they enjoyed it!

1st & 2nd Pic-was taken between Cavendish and Kensington as we were out driving..the sky looks a bit dark as this was taken right before a storm came in
3rd Pic-taken by the Cape Egmont Lighthouse...Just this protrusion of sand sticking out into the water with this "hole in the wall"--reminds me of the one on Grand Manan Island
4th Pic-North Cape Wind Energy Centre---pretty cool sight with all the windmills and museum. This is the most Northern Point of PEI
5th Pic-Tignish Beach-it seemed to go on for miles
6th Pic-West Point Harbour--the tide was really low here (awesome light though)


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