October 29, 2011

Flowers Pt. 2

Sorry for not posting last weekend...I babysat my cute little 3 year old neice last Saturday, went and saw Footloose with Brooke and on Sunday and Monday (the PA day), the girls and I went shopping in Watertown and Syracuse, so I had NO time.

EXCITING NEWS: This past week has seen me getting ready for something exciting! My friend and fellow photographer, Melissa and I are opening a website to sell our photos...Well, she's doing a lot of the website work and I've been busy uploading my photos, wish it were as easy as that sounds!

The Process: I always enhance the lighting on my photos as the camera doesn't always get it right, or I have it set for the wrong white balance! After that, I have to resize it and save it and then resize it for thumbnail size and save it again! Then I make a zip file for each one and then I can upload it to the site! Whew, no wonder I'm so tired today--that and I've been working for about 5 hrs today! The time consuming part is finding certain photos--when I'm searching for a certain one, I question why I needed to take so many pictures!! URGH!

Check back next week (around November 1st) and I will post the URL, so you can all check out the website. We'll announce it on Facebook too!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Here are some more flower photos from PEI! Enjoy!

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