March 4, 2017

Canada Geese Family

Napanee, Ontario

Welcome Back!

Sorry, I didn't get to post last week, I was feeling sick with cold/allergies on Saturday, which meant stuck on the couch, which meant doing all my errands/chores on Sunday, so this fun stuff got bumped! 

I'm posting on Saturday this week as I have a client meeting tomorrow, so I may not get to the computer!

This week, I have more photos of the Canada Geese family that was swimming around the Napanee River, almost 2 years ago now...hard to believe it's been that long. I'll have quite a few more pics to show off, at least 3 more weeks, then some heron shots (Yay, my fave bird!)

I remember when we were at Waterloo University with Brooke, they had t-shirts in the gift shop that said "I survived mating season" with a picture of a Canada goose! Apparently they are even MORE mean and protective during that time of year and they like the Waterloo campus too, so students are warned to beware and avoid them....Cute! 

I know they can be quite mean and like to hiss at you as you are walking by, so I like to see them when they are out in the water, just floating around and enjoying life! :-) I probably wouldn't even take many pics of them, but those babies are so darn cute, who can resist?

Have a great week! 

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