March 26, 2017

More Canadian Geese & Goslings

Napanee, Ontario

Welcome Back!

Sorry I've been MIA...I had a client meeting two Sundays ago and last Sunday I had a cold and dozed off and on all day....I know, excuses, excuses! :-)

I'm back this week with more of the Canada geese family. The babies are just so darn cute. I was surprised actually at how big these ones were...the mothers must keep them hidden for awhile. I've not seen very small geese babies up close before!

The countdown is on til my holidays. We are off for a week in April...right before Easter. Kev and I are heading East...Can't wait! We have not been there in the spring before, so it should be interesting...also, looking forward to viewing some property while we are there!

But, I should be back next Sunday with more geese pics, then after that, some heron shots! 

Have a great week!

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