February 20, 2017

Happy Family Day!

Napanee, Ontario

Welcome Back and Happy Family Day!

It just so happened that I was starting the waterfowl this week anyway, but better way to celebrate Family Day, than with a family of geese! These two parents were swimming around with all their babies...I counted 18! Wow, I found it hard keeping track of two when my kiddies were babies! :-)

Anyway, these were taken in June 2015 at the Napanee Conservation Area Park (or the waterfall park as we affectionately call it!) I have a "few" more to highlight over the next few weeks and then some of the beloved heron...

We spent most of Saturday with the girlies as Brooke is home for Reading Week...we had a nice lunch at Wild Wings and then went for a walk in the park...After, we watched a movie and played cards too! Not too bad a day considering I had to work Saturday morning! :-(

More next time....Have a great week!

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