February 12, 2017

Algonquin Park Moose, Pt. 6

Algonquin Park, Ontario

Welcome Back!

This week I have the last of the moose pics! Yay, I bet you all will be glad! Next week, I have some waterfowl pics for you! :-) It's either one or the other on this site! :-)

I made a mistake on the date, last week, these were actually taken almost 2 years ago...Yep, May long weekend, but in 2015...wow, where does the time go?

These all include shots of the moose as he's heading out...I guess, he got full of water or he got bored watching us all!

Snowy day here in Ontario, so I've just been cleaning house and making a wonderful veggie soup, which smells yummy, so I must go finish it off!

Have a great week!

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