April 17, 2016

Bird Kingdom, Pt.13

Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls, ON

Welcome Back!

This week I have more bird photos from the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls. 

The first couple of photos are the Superb Starling, I think (based on the website) the next photos are the Nicobar Pigeon, with very beautiful coloring and the last photo is one of some conures. I can't identify which conure they are, because they look like juveniles to me, with the fuzzy heads and they are quite small too!

Sorry, for not posting last week, I had some sort of stomach issue going on and stayed in bed until noon and then I had to do all my errands and chores, so I never made it in here to update the blog!

This week went by fast again...I always say that...Time does fly when you are having fun for sure! I've been designing some projects for work at home in the evenings too! (and today) As well, Kevin, Zeek and I have been getting out for some walks! I took some photos of the spring buds with the Nikon and will share on here some day! At the rate I'm going, it will likely be December!

Yesterday, Kevin, Zeek and I headed to Presqui'le Park in Brighton for a day of hiking and enjoying the weather! It was beautiful out and I took some photos, but unfortunately, we didn't see too many critters..a few frogs and a swan, who was not very cooperative for photos! :-)

Anyway, have a great week!

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