February 7, 2016

Bird Kingdom, Pt.8

Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls, ON

Welcome Back!

This week, I have more small birds from the same Aviary at the Bird Kingdom. These include: a Starling, a couple of Canaries(yellow ones), a Zebra Finch, two White-cheeked Bulbuls and a Java Sparrow. I'm identifying them from the website, so I think they are mostly correct...the yellow ones may not be canaries, but that's my best guess! :-)

This week was another fast one...tiring too! I think I was fighting a cold a couple of days, so was extremely tired! I taught a class on Thursday night, so worked 12-8, which seemed odd to not go in until 12, but at least I got my car's oil changed in the morning! 

Yesterday, Kev and I headed to the Big Apple and also went to Campbellford, where there is a craft store that I like, a cheese factory and a chocolate factory..yep, we visited them all! They also have an awesome bakery, but we didn't go, as we had a yummy apple dumpling at the Big Apple. Today is my usual laundry and grocery day, but had to get my haircut too! SIGH..so much for a quiet day at home! Off to enjoy some quiet time reading a book!

Have a great week!

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