October 18, 2014

Saunders Country Zoo, Pt. 5

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting a few more of the farm animals from Saunders Farm. This time some donkey pics, some pigs and a couple of lazy llamas...I rarely see them laying around like this, so I snapped away!

Next time I'll be highlighting the animals that they showcase as well as bring them around for you to pet, etc. I think I got some really cute photos there (after the show was done and all those noisy little kids had left!)

Well, I survived another week of school. It's going pretty good. I'm on my third course and also did 3 exams for the courses I was exempted from. Can't wait to get into the web design stuff! Nothing overly exciting this week, just Keturah hitting a raccoon and damaging my bumper this week! Kevin had to take it in for repair work...it's as good as new!

Have a great week!

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