April 18, 2014

More MB Birds

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting even more of the heron and egret photos from the Huntington Beach State Park..I guess I took more than I thought...Can't believe I liked that many of the ones I took! Must have been a good lighting day, even though it was very sunny!

Well, this week did end up being very quiet...My hip and back were sore, so I stayed home and didn't move too much! Coupled with insomnia, it was a very long week!

Well, we have one Easter dinner planned for this weekend-- on Sunday, with my family. It will be sad as Brooke won't be here (she has two exams on Tuesday)...But the good news is we are heading to Waterloo to pick her up on Wednesday and move her and all her crap home! :-)

More next week! Have a great Easter weekend!

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