April 8, 2014

More Birds of Myrtle Beach!

Welcome Back!

This week I'm highlighting more bird shots from Myrtle Beach. The first three were taken at Murrell's Inlet! Usually we see quite a few pelicans, but not this year--must have been too hot for them! :-)

The rest were shot at Huntington Beach State Park. A very beautiful park with walking trails where you can see wildlife of all kinds. But today, I'm just including the following: a pretty bird in the tree (not sure what kind it is), a greater yellowlegs bird walking in the water and a great egret. The greater yellowlegs bird kept photo bombing my photos of the egret. I waited it out so I could get a shot of the egret by itself!

Well, not much planned for this week! Waiting to hear from my Uncle's doctor, may have to run him to Kingston for an appointment. Will hit the gym again, do some more job searching and maybe even some card-making!

More later this week!

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