September 20, 2013

Warthogs Pt 2

Welcome Back!

Well, this update took a bit longer than usual...I brought the dog down with me and he sat on my arm the whole time, so it was a little hard to edit photos one-handed! He also has a habit of doing that while I'm driving too! I sometimes let him if I'm driving out in the country!

This time I'm highlighting some more warthogs...mostly the babies, because they were so cute, playing, fighting and even kissing each other! But, I did get some shots of the parents, so I thought I'd include them too! I also noticed that I did get another shot of all the babies with the mom or dad's hiding behind it's parent. For such funny looking critters, they sure are cute!

Anyway, I've had a busy week..getting ready for Keturah's birthday this weekend. Yep, she'll be the ripe old age of 16! Yikes, where does the time go? She's my beautiful baby girl, who is now taller than me!

I've also joined a volleyball league and we had our first games on Monday night...It was quite fun and a good workout too, but very tiring as we didn't have any spare players for this week..hopefully next week!

This weekend we are heading to Waterloo to see Brooke...Apparently it is family day on Saturday..We are staying over and stopping in Scarborough on Sunday for some shopping for Keturah's birthday! Tonight it's out for a sushi dinner for her! Yick! Luckily, I manage to find something I like that isn't sushi!

Anyway, have a great weekend! More next week!

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