September 23, 2013

River Hippopotamus

Welcome Back!

This week I'm highlighting the River Hippopotamus. These guys are found in the African Savanna too. They were just floating around in the water, enjoying the day! Not the most attractive creatures at the zoo, but fun to watch and shoot nonetheless! There were two in this enclosure and I think the one spent most of his/her time underwater, so I think most of these photos are of the same one.

Well, we had a fairly good weekend despite the rain on Saturday. We did some exploring/driving around Waterloo and St. Jacobs and ended up going to the Farmer's Market in St. Jacobs. We also checked out a place called Picard's Peanuts on Sunday..they sold peanuts along with chocolate and all kinds of yummy goodies. :-)

Well, today is Monday and I have two sickies at home with me. I'm trying to avoid them so I don't get it. :-) I have plans for lunch with friends on Wednesday, so I can't be sick and miss that!

More later this week...

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