August 22, 2013

Red-tailed Green Ratsnake!

Welcome Back!

Warning! Warning! For all those who do not like snakes-- I'm showing some snake shots! I wasn't going to highlight them, but I thought they turned out very well, considering they were shot thru glass...that's the only reason I would shoot them in the first place--with 2 inches of glass between him and me!

This guy was shot in the Indo-Malayan area again. He's called a Red-tailed green ratsnake. They are usually quite active when I'm there, so depending how creeped out I am, I sometimes avoid them. :-)

Well, I haven't been doing anything overly exciting..just getting Brooke ready for University. It seems she thinks of something else she needs every day, so we are running to Walmart or Kingston ALOT!

This weekend the girls and I are heading to Ottawa to visit our friends. We haven't been there since May (I think)! We're looking forward to it.

More soon!

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