August 1, 2013

I'm Back! (With More Moose Shots Too!)

Hello! Welcome back!

Well, we had a pretty good vacation despite the fact that it rained off and on and was overcast quite a few days! This is the first time that it has been so dreary while we've been down East. We made the best of it anyway! I'll be highlighting some of the photos I took at some point, mostly scenic/landscape shots as we didn't see any wildlife this trip. Not any crabs, etc on the beaches, which was surprising. Luckily we had Zeek to entertain us on the beach! We did see some critters at the Reptile Zoo, but it was a VERY small zoo. We also saw a couple of deer, herons and an eagle as we flew by them on the highway, but no photos!

This week, I'm highlighting a moose we saw on the Sunday night as we were driving out of the Park. It was after 9 when I shot this guy, so the photos were VERY dark. I wasn't even sure I was shooting the moose within the frame! Anyway, I was happy with these shots, once I lightened them up a bit. This guy is a bit bigger than the others.

More photos soon! Enjoy!

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