August 10, 2013

Lion-tailed Macaque

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting some zoo animals from our visit to the Toronto Zoo in early June. The Lion-tailed Macaque to be exact! These cuties are one of the first animals we visit. Probably because we always go to the left when we visit the zoo!

Anyway, I just noticed that I didn't get an full-body shots of them--just close ups. They are sometimes hard to shoot as they are sometimes very active. These ones weren't overly active the day we were there. They are behind glass too, which can be a downside to getting good shots. The shot where he is showing his teeth, was a shot I got at the end of a YAWN.

I'm having a quiet weekend as I'm battling a sinus headache... I hope it goes away soon as the girls and I are off school shopping to Syracuse on Monday and Tuesday! I will likely post again on Wednesday!

Thanks for visiting!

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