April 1, 2013

For the Birds!

Welcome Back!

This week I'm starting to highlight the vacation photos! I thought I'd start with these birds I shot (with my camera)!

Some were taken in North Carolina...We took a drive "north" to go to this cool gift shop called "Callahan's of Calabash". We go there every year. On the way, there is a fishing marina-type area where you can walk on the docks and check out the catch of the day or in our case, these birds. Last year we saw quite a few pelicans in this area, but we didn't see any this year. We did see the Egret and the Heron there.

The other photos were shot at Murrell's Inlet...You can tell I was getting desperate to shoot something, as I took photos of cormorants and a sea gull! I threw in a duck photo as well (I think it's a bufflehead)....We did see some pelicans and I got quite a few shots, but I still have to go through all of them, and I didn't want to start it tonight!

As it was, my computer was threatening to restart on me (after updating)...it gave me a 4 minute warning and I waited and waited, but nothing happened, so I hope I get this typed, saved and posted before it resets on me or I'll be one miserable blogger! :-)

Have a great week!

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