November 25, 2012

Bay of Fundy Whales

Welcome Back!

This week I've included various views of humpback whales. These were taken when Brooke and I went on a whale watching cruise in Grand Manan. Keturah didn't want to go, so Kevin stayed on land with her!

It was a long cruise, but totally worth it! We left Seal Cove at 1pm and returned at 6pm. It did take us about 1.75 hrs just to ride out to where the whales are usually found, but we saw and followed 3 whales. One a mother and 1 year old calf and the other, probably the father. The First Mate and some of the kids on the cruise did see a Sperm Whale, but we were on the opposite side of the boat and I wasn't going to give up my good spot to anyone, so we stayed where we were!

We also saw an Ocean Sunfish and some birds, but the Humpback Whales were the highlight of the day. 

A quick post today as I'm off to Oneida for a couple of days!

I will probably include more whales next week too as I did get quite a few shots that I'm happy with this time!

Have a great week!

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