November 17, 2012


Welcome back!

This week for your viewing pleasure I am sharing some photos of Squid.

When we were fishing in Grand Manan, some locals asked us if we had been down to the pier to see the squid. We hadn't, so they said to come down around 10pm..Ha..after being up so early each day, due to the sun streaming in our room, I didn't think I could stay awake that long! :-)

Anyway, we headed down one night right at 10. We talked to a young fisherman who showed us his special lure that you needed to be able to catch them and answered a ton of questions for us! 

We waited a few minutes and then the fisherman started catching them. He laid them on the yellow boat tie thingy (not sure of the exact name)! Anyway he told us to pick them up, take pictures, etc. He also told us to hit them or drop them on the ground...the ink comes out of them when you do that and I think we all went home wearing some, but they also change colour when you hit them. So you will see in the pictures below that some are different colours than others and it was just because we had dropped them or touched them.

Down on a lower dock we saw a lot of families catching them as well. If you ever had calamari, this is what they look like before you eat them. I wouldn't eat them myself! 

I'm enjoying a rare day at home trying to learn some new software..the down side of upgrading your computer so it is faster! I apologize if the photos are not the usual size as I'm having problems with the sizing feature of Photoshop Elements 11. I like the new layout of this version though..I just have to learn where they moved everything! 

I'm off again.... to Rama this time..on Mon-Wed. So I hope you have  a great week!


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